Flyaway antenna

Flyaway antenna is satellite communication antenna with the advantage of miniaturization and portability, which possesses the characteristics of small volume, light weight, quick assembly, and high precision of reassembly.

Market Infomation

Name Frequency range  Price
0.75m flyaway antenna ku band  ***
0.9M Flyaway Antenna ku band  ***
1m flyaway antenna ku band  ***
1.2m flyaway antenna ku band  ***
1.8m flyaway antenna ku band / C band /ka band  ***
2.4m flyaway antennna ku band / C band /ka band/X band  ***
1M Auto tracking Flyaway antenna  ku band  ***
1.2M Auto tracking Flyaway antenna  ku band  ***
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About Manufacturers

  • Satcomresources INC.
  • Amadeus Group
  • Antesky Science Technology Inc.
  • AvL Technologies, Inc.
  • ATCi Corporate
  • Patriot
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