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2.4M Flyaway Antenna

Posted by burrows on over 5 years ago.
Features of the 2.4m FlyAway Antenna System include:

  • Lightweight, compact and portable in five cases weighing less than 600 lbs in total
  • Quad-band: C, X, Ku and Ka; DBS capable
  • Fast feed change system
  • Robust carbon fiber reflectors and tubes
  • Feed rotation for polarization
  • Easy pointing and fine-tuning Az/El positioner
  • Manual actuators enable full range of motion
  • Interface with all types of RF electronics and services
  • Stabilizing legs and weight-bearing ballast case increase wind resistance

    2.4m  FlyAway Antenna System is robust with a 9-piece carbon fiber reflector yet compact enough to transport in five cases weighing less than 600 lbs (inclusive of cases). The carbon fiber reflector and tubes are rugged enough for operations in harsh conditions and the Az/El positioners enable easy pointing and fine tuning.  the antenna assembles in 15 minutes.

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