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The characteristics of Automatic Flyaway Antenna system

Posted by terry on about 7 years ago.

The characteristics of antenna system Automatic Flyaway Antenna.

1.     The antenna is shaped and assembled by four pieces of aluminum panels, with characteristics of large rigidity, light weight, high precision of profile, and convenient assembly.

2.     The antenna is packed in a case, which is convenient to carry, suitable for long highway transportation and taken by two people.

3.     The servo system of satellite antenna adopts three-axis (azimuth, elevation and polarization) automatic control.

4.     The antenna control with mechanical handle has two categories which are manual and automatic mode.

5.     The antenna system is equipped with electronic compass, satellite spectrum testing and display device.

6.     The antenna controller has azimuth, elevation and polarization angle and display function for satellite signal spectrum.

7.     The antenna controller can prestore parameter of six satellites and automatically align any one of six satellites.

8.     The antenna controller possesses function of automatic deploy and reset.  The operation adopts remote control and the equipment is very simple. Automatic satellite search only needs 3 minutes.

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