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What is the flyaway antenna ?

Posted by Andrew on about 7 years ago.

Flyaway antenna is satellite communication antenna with the advantage of miniaturization and portability, which possesses the characteristics of small volume, light weight, quick assembly, and high precision of reassembly. Generally the flyaway antenna is packed in a backpack or a small box.

According to the feed position, flyaway antenna can be divided into two categories, which are prime focus and offset antenna. In the market mostly it is offset antenna, which is consisted by reflector, feed system, azimuth adjustable equipment, and elevation adjustable equipment and tripod pedestal mount. According to the material, it can be divided into two categories, which are aluminum and fiber antenna.
Flyaway antenna can support such communication service as voice, data and fax. 
It is available for a wide range of applications,including remote district, island, village, oil filed, mining area, finance, transportation, civil aviation, environment, waterpower, electric power, geology, rescue, relief and emergency. It can solve the problem that wired communication, such as electric cable and optical fiber, can’t cover and open anytime anywhere. It can also solve the problem of instability of wired communication and singularity of communication service.

Download: Flyaway Antenna Introduction.pdf (28 kB)

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