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Support System and System Integration of News Gathering System of Flyaway Satellite Station

Posted by burrows on over 5 years ago.
So as to ensure extensive application of news gathering system of flyaway satellite station, unconstrained by region and environment, convenient for personnel to establish communication link and ensure news timeliness, related corollary equipment and supporting system are the essential parts.
The supporting equipment including compass, altimeter equipment, and spectrum analyzer can strongly guarantee the accuracy of field operation. It includes systematic deploy site search, target satellite search, correct use of distribution band and systematic malfunction analysis, which ensures that non-professionals establishes satellite communication link in a few minutes.
A flyaway generator which ensures power supply in the process of various emergency news gathering is indispensable. Generally, its working time is more than 3 hours.
The monitoring system of local satellite video content can make local workers know themselves and the opponent. Local workers can fully understand the quality and various state of transmission content, especially the live broadcast situation. So they can find and solve problems timely, which greatly guarantee the reliability of system. Therefore, flyaway satellite station is equipped with spectrum equipment, decoder equipment, small SDI displayer, which is used to watch live broadcast recovery signal.
The saying small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal organs is the real reflection of news gathering system of flyaway satellite station. No matter how light the portable equipment design is, it still cannot be called portable type if there is large number and inconvenient carrying.
The construction of news gathering system of flyaway satellite station, because of its special requirement, has no experience to abide. But we have to fall our way forward completely and design the appropriate systematic integration scheme. Yet there is room for improvement. The whole system only consists of three aviation boxes, which are antenna system box, accessory box and code modulation box. Each box equipped with antenna transportation seismic box, can be carried conveniently by one person. Thus it is convenient for long-distance transportation of flyaway satellite antenna system.

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