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Special Demand for Flyaway Satellite Station

Posted by burrows on almost 7 years ago.
Audio-visual news gathering system which is comprehensive, three-dimensional and multi-echelon has already been put on the agenda. The system can expand business to the greatest extent and improve real-time transmission capacity of audio and video business, secure a leading position in news gathering technology field. The construction goal of complete system is an integrated ground-space network which develops diversified network terminal, like fixed news gathering station in high-lighted areas and nationwide vehicle-mounted news gathering station and global flyaway movable news gathering station and 3G video live broadcast and so on, making full use of the advantage of on-orbit communication satellite coverage and combining the characteristics of ground cable’s broadband transmission.

Mature ground fiber network, fixed and movable news gathering satellite station have been widely applied in many years in the radio and television industry. When constructing diversified news gathering network terminal, just choose it in the market according to the demand. And there is little technical obstacle and difficulty. It is the first attempt to apply flyaway station in large-scale as news gathering terminal and safeguard of significant news event. Deep demand analysis, strict technical investigation and decisive decision-making are all indispensable to ensure the success of project construction.
Because flyaway satellite station possesses characteristics of fast deploy and convenient to transport, the system is usually applied in satellite communication business with 2Mbps low rate. Different from the demand of general flyaway satellite communication station,it needs a type of satellite communication system equipment of mobility, easy and simple operation, strong transmission capability, audio and video news real-time transmission, high-speed data rate transmission above the 6Mbps and high integration in important report and emergency coverage. It requires that it can carry equipment to arrive at news site by different means of transportation in harsh conditions and quickly establish satellite link and that it has a low failure rate when used frequently. Whether the existing flyaway satellite station can meet the special demand challenges technical renovation ability of equipment manufacturers.

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